Purdy Smith benefits from an extensive network of specialist overseas lawyers and is ideally placed to assist with international projects in the firm’s areas of practice.  Most of our clients operate across a number of markets and a significant amount of our work has an international dimension.

We are completely independent with no overseas offices and a policy of not belonging to any formal law firm networks.  Consequently, we select the best lawyers we can find in each country for a particular project, in contrast to international firms that are heavily biased towards using lawyers from their own offices, or international law firm networks whose member firms will typically favour cross-referring work to each other.  This impartiality ensures our clients receive a consistently first-class service irrespective of the country or practice area in which they require support. 

We are able to offer such an exceptional service in relation to international matters because we dedicate considerable time and resources to building relationships and carrying out due diligence in relation to the law firms and lawyers we work with.  We make regular efforts to strengthen these relationships by attending international conferences, sharing know-how and meeting with our contacts whenever possible.

We typically project manage the overseas legal advice our clients request, in line with their preferences, offering a seamless service with one point of contact, one engagement letter and one billing arrangement.

If you are a potential client looking for a law firm to assist with your international matter, or an overseas law firm that would like to explore opportunities to work together, please get in touch with Mark Smith at  You can learn more about Mark and his experience handling international matters on the About Us section of this website.

Purdy Smith is the perfect choice for overseas law firms whose clients need legal advice from the UK as we have no plans to open any offices overseas.  This means we are keen to build longstanding relationships with such firms and have no desire to compete with them in their local markets or to try to take over their client relationships.

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle international projects using our extensive network of trusted law firms around the world.

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